In most cases of failed transactions, 1inch doesn’t refund gas fees. Please, read more on that here. These are types of transactions for which a refund of gas fees is NOT possible:

  • transactions executed partially with the partial fill option;

Please, note that the ‘partial fill’ option is enabled by default. You can disable it in the settings.

  • approve/unlock transactions;
  • all transactions related to liquidity provision (deposit/withdrawal/migration);
  • two identical transactions accidentally sent one after another;
  • a transaction sent while the previous one was still pending.

Please, note that the refund program only applies to whitelisted tokens.

However, under certain conditions, a refund of gas costs is possible. These are conditions under which the refund program applies.

1. A transaction failed with the following parameters:

  • it was executed not earlier than December 25, 2020;
  • the slippage tolerance was at least 3% (this parameter is set at 3% by default and can be adjusted before the trade in the settings);
  • the ‘fast’ gas option was selected as the lowest;
  • the transaction was mined within 5 minutes, except for cases when it was routed through PMM: then a 4-minute interval is applied;
  • the token in which a user attempted to do a transaction has passed the price discovery period and started showing a steady trading volume (at least 3 days old).

Please, note that in extraordinary situations when, for instance, a token contract is exploited, we cannot recover gas fees.

To be eligible for a refund under these conditions, a user has to report the case to 1inch customer support with evidence of a failed transaction (transaction ID/transaction hash or the wallet address with the timestamp for the failure).

2. The 1inch developer department confirmed a bug due to which a user lost funds while trading on 1inch. Cases of this have to be reported to 1inch's official customer support channels with the transaction hash and other relevant information.

3. This specific case is more of an accident on the user’s side but we have included it as a relevant case. When a user accidentally sends funds to the 1inch smart contract (0x111111125434b319222CdBf8C261674aDB56F3ae), we are able to recover them and send them back to the given address.

Please, note that a full KYC/AML procedure is required.


1inch’s compliance department usually does a quick check of any external financial transaction engaged by the 1inch network to make sure it is in line with Anti-Money Laundering (AML) standards and for record keeping purposes. As a result, 1inch usually requests an AML check of every person.

Under the KYC/AML procedure, a user has to submit the following documents.

Please, note that refund is paid in USDT, USDC or 1INCH.

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